Florence offers individual Fasciapulsology treatments,
personalised accompaniment and reopens the field of collective practice to self-balance and the creativity of danced movement.


Next Meeting:


25. – 26.05.2024   11h00-17h00

La Tortue à Plumes
Rue Hennebicq 43
1060 St-Gilles-Bruxelles, (BE)

Info & Inscriptions:

“ For the last sixteen years, I have been developing a practice based on Fasciapulsology.
It is a bodily exploration and study, as well as an artistic practice.
It implements active physiology awareness of the body and has been first developed in the training of dancers. This body-work enhances the tuning of all perceptions in any creative process and physical engagement, presence or action.

Originally, Fasciapulsology is a manual therapy that implies a soft and deep touch which enables precise and fine listening of the membranous fluid motions and pulsations of the tissular body. The fascia supports movement in dance.
By bringing our consciousness to the sense and quality of the internal touch, we become explorers of inner landscapes that are fluid and ever-tuning, space shape shifting.

We then word it, map it, reflect on it and mirror it for others.

I have applied my questions and means through teaching in international schools, supporting artists’ projects developments, guiding collective practice labs, and performing in solo forms.
The current research stage is on how
Fasciapulsology can support artists in their performative states and, more generally, how we resource our experiences to create an artistic practice.

Since then, Fasciapulsology applied to dance and to movement explorations has strongly supported several performers and artists through their creative streams.
How can we extend that conscious practice to many other beings and contexts, so we can contribute and continue deepening the body knowledge and that fine intuitive art of listening?

We are a society where touch is being edged out of our lives because of the current sanitary ecological crisis. We want to explore and define the many recognizable transformative effects and benefits that touch can bring to our well-being, personal creativity, and social health communication.
Through the conscious of inner touch, we learn about ourselves and what is needed. What it means to be touched, what it means to be the one that touches.
How we observe, respond, react and weave through the fields of our memory?

Fasciapulsodance is usually practiced among/within a collective horizontal context. We wish to create a poetic space as an invitation to meet, contact, resonate and reflect as a possibility to develop and resource healing. To invest renewed qualities of relating that are responsive, responsible and intra-active.”

Florence Augendre